SAS GLOBAL offers a full range of services to help our customers manage risk at each step in the feed supply chain.

Our experienced inspectors inspect, measure and determine quality and quantity of all varieties of feedstuffs as per latest commercial and industry standards.

SAS GLOBAL is a Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) member as well as a Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fat Associations (FOSFA) analyst and superintendent member. We follow GAFTA or FOSFA guidelines strictly for all of the grain and feed services in our portfolio:

Pre-shipment inspection

  • Identification of cargo for shipment
  • Sampling of goods in storage facilities
  • Dispatch of the samples to a GAFTA/FOSFA/Ilac accredited laboratory for a pre-assessment of your cargo quality
  • Visual estimation of the cargo condition and verification of the cargo “loading readiness”

Terminal facilities and holds cleanliness inspection

  • Cleanliness inspection of the terminal conveyor belts, containers, vessel holds, railway wagons and trucks is performed prior the commencement of loading operations
  • The inspected item is screened for cleanliness, moisture, foreign matters, odour, previous cargoes’ residues or pest infestation
  • SAS GLOBAL can also inspect the cleanliness of the vessel holds to determine if the cleaning method / cleanliness is respecting GMP + Feed Safety Assurance Scheme / GTP transport norms

Loading and discharge inspections

  • Inspection during loading or discharge within agreed scope of work
  • Sampling according to GAFTA / FOSFA contractual guidelines
  • Constitution of contractual samples, sealing and labelling
  • Verification of weighing scales
  • Weight determination
  • Photographic reporting
  • Issuance of relevant SAS GLOBAL reports / certificates

Quality determination

  • SAS GLOBAL works with laboratories around the world that are GAFTA or FOSFA accredited, depending on the scope of analysis requested and contractual terms
  • All parameters are tested as per latest international standards / methods
  • Analyses are performed on all varieties of feedstuffs at every stage of their processing

Risk management

  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Stock Monitoring
  • Charterers' Liability Cover
  • Combined Cover
  • Fumigation

By working with SAS GLOBAL you can benefit from independent inspection services along with extensive analytical expertise and effective risk management tools that are offered worldwide.