With over 40 years’ experience, SAS GLOBAL brings expertise and confidence to the cotton industry.

SAS GLOBAL provides access to a seamless global network and covers all client inspection requirements from origin to destination. We deliver the highest level of service so you can be confident that your cotton shipments meet the quality standards expected along the entire supply chain.

Whether your challenge is to achieve consistent quality in your product, or weight mitigation on your cotton shipments, the need to have a trusted global partner on the ground is critical to your success. We offer tailored solutions that meet industry and client requirements; help mitigate risk; and ensure correct quality assessment.

Cotton inspection and testing services offered along the cotton supply chain include:

Pre-shipment stage

  • Warehouse inspection
  • Stock monitoring
  • Identity preservation
  • Cargo surveys
  • Unloading / Loading supervision
  • Weighing
  • Sampling
  • Manual classification
  • SITC (HVI) testing

Destination stage

  • SDT (Seal breaking/ Devanning/Tally)
  • Supervision of weighing
  • Sampling
  • Manual classification
  • SITC (HVI) testing
  • Damage surveys

Auditing stage

  • Sustainability / traceability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Textile testing and certification