As a leading global supervision company, we are able to support our customers with a full range of services and risk management packages essential to the global grain and cereal trade.

Cereals are an important part of the world’s commodity trade. The cereal market has been expanding over the past decades to meet the increasing demands of a rising world population. SAS GLOBAL inspectors and laboratory personnel have years of experience measuring grain shipment quality and quantity against recognised industry standards. Grain inspection services are available at the loading and discharge ports, and our network of laboratories guarantee timely and accurate results. We work with major grain exporters, importers, international traders and buyers, offering one stop solutions to our clients from farm to fork.

Solutions offered by SAS GLOBAL:

Inland cargo control and pre-shipment inspection

  • Identification of cargo for shipment
  • Sampling of goods in storage facilities

Loading and discharge supervision

  • Verification of cleanliness and water tightness of vessel or barge
  • Continuous sampling – representative sampling based on GAFTA rules and regulations
  • Photographic reporting

Weighing and sampling

  • Verification of weighing scales
  • Composition of reference samples, sealing, retention

Laboratory testing

  • A complete offer of physical and chemical analyses
  • As per latest national and international standards and methods


  • Independent, trustworthy certification of quantity and quality
  • E-certificates as well as hard copies issued at any SAS GLOBAL location worldwide

Risk management

  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Stock Monitoring
  • Charterers' Liability Cover
  • Combined Cover
  • Fumigation

SAS GLOBAL is an Analyst Member and Superintendent Member at GAFTA.