Agri Assurance

SAS GLOBAL is a global player as a provider of inspection services. Our certificates are valued by global trading houses, financial institutions and both government and non-governmental food aid organisations the world over. We work with all the important international standards and guidelines including ISO, GOTS, TQSA, USDA, FDA, FOSFA, GAFTA, IFT, AOCS and SAL.

Above all we provide you with tailor-made services that exceed expectations and straightforwardly solve your local and global challenges.

SAS GLOBAL’s assurance services protect our clients from the unexpected difficulties and challenges that arise in today’s fast-paced e-trading environment.

The wider e-business environment regularly throws up uncertainties for producers, buyers and exporters alike, making commodity risk management increasingly important in an ever-changing world.

Our assurance services, together with our commodity risk management portfolio, cover a range of risk management areas, including:

  • Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Charterers’ Liability Cover
  • Combined Cover
  • Stock Monitoring

We can help you put effective commodity risk management in place with clear strategies in the event of unforeseen problems. This contributes to maximising time and performance within your company.

Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)

A shortfall in weight between loading and discharge can lead to financial losses, particularly with high value cargo. While it’s not always possible to directly control those risks, SAS GLOBAL can provide you with risk management services to minimise loss.

Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG) protects you from the risk of incurring unknown costs related to weight discrepancies between loading and discharge. SAS GLOBAL supervises, certifies and guarantees the outturn weight of your shipment, and reimburses the cost of any shortfall. The exact extent of cover depends on the terms of the policy you choose.

Our FOG service minimises your exposure to financial loss through weight shortfalls. It is designed to give you peace of mind by providing a complete service that takes full advantage of our inspection experience and global presence. We’ll take care of everything from supervision and inspection to local administration tasks, all included in a single premium.

Charterers' Liability Cover

Charterers' Liability Cover is a specialist type of marine insurance that protects the customer’s interests until goods arrive at the vessel’s destination.

When chartering a vessel, depending on the terms of the contract, traders may be liable for problems with the cargo, such as loss, damage or late delivery. Traders need to be certain that they are comprehensively protected against any unexpected liabilities that may arise.

While Charterers’ Liability Cover isn’t mandatory, it can safeguard you against serious risks to which you would otherwise be exposed when chartering a vessel. As a global provider of risk management services SAS GLOBAL is in a position to secure highly competitive rates, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from a high level of cover.

Combined Cover

During transit goods are exposed to loss or damage by any number of risks. SAS GLOBAL's Combined Cover delivers comprehensive protection for your assets worldwide.

To trade with confidence and minimise uncertainty, traders need to be sure that all their risks are covered, especially when shipping high value consignments or embarking on new trading relationships.

SAS GLOBAL’s Combined Cover brings together our Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG) service and marine insurance coverage. FOG minimises your exposure to financial loss through weight shortfalls, while marine insurance covers you for the loss or damage of cargo during transit from origin to destination, including because of war, civil strife and piracy under specific conditions. It is tailored to your specific needs and underwritten by specialist insurers. Together they deliver comprehensive, cost effective cover for your cargo, bringing peace of mind and saving you money.

Stock Monitoring

Trading risks are minimised when you accurately measure the quantity of goods in storage. SAS GLOBAL can protect your investments by ensuring that stock levels are traceable throughout the supply chain.

SAS GLOBAL’s stock monitoring services allow you to accurately trace stock levels as your goods make their journey along the supply chain. Our global network of experienced inspectors carry out spot checks to provide you with a snapshot of stock levels at a specific location and time. We provide a quick, cost effective service and can identifying the source of any loss. We can assess goods in storage, and check cargo as it arrives or leaves the warehouse anywhere in the world.