Certification Process


Initial Application

The first step for getting SAS GLOBAL certification is that the client (the person responsible for the unit to be certified) contacts the SAS GLOBAL office or staff. Upon request SAS GLOBAL sends a detailed application package including the application form and procedure for SAS GLOBAL certification. To apply for certification the client needs to complete the application form and returns it to the SAS GLOBAL office.

Pre-inspection procedure

Upon receipt of the completed application form, SAS GLOBAL will send an offer for inspection and certification together with the fee schedule. If the offer is accepted, the client needs to pay 100 % of the offer fees in advance.


Upon receipt of the deposit, SAS GLOBAL will determine the date and time of the inspection in consultation with the client. Before the inspection, the client must sign the inspection and certification contract. SAS GLOBAL employees comply with the inspection principles established for the inspector. The client must cooperate with the inspector as agreed in the inspection and certification contract. The inspector shall complete the inspection report during the inspection visit. The client confirms this with his signature and receives a copy of it. The scope of the sanctions and copies of the relevant standards are also handed over to the client during the inspection. The original inspection report is forwarded to the SAS GLOBAL office for further certification processes.


The evaluator will then review the inspection/audit report and submit the file to the head of certification. If additional documents are required, a message is sent to the client.

Certification decision

The head of certification makes the certification decision on the basis of the available documents. Certification decisions will be notified after the inspection report, payment and relevant documents (if any) has been received at SAS GLOBAL.

Certificates and SAS GLOBAL logo

Once the certification decision has been made, the certificate/confirmation letter or the decision letter is sent to the client. This certificate is valid for one year from the date of certification. However, according to Reg. (EC) No.834/2007, Article 27(3), inspections of the holding must be carried out annually to renew the certification status.

Therefore, SAS GLOBAL will send the renewal application to all operators at the beginning of the calendar year and upon receipt of the completed application form with information on last year's changes and the prepayment, SAS GLOBAL will conduct the annual inspection and send the invoice. Upon receipt of full payment, the head of certification will make the decision and inform the client. The fees for annual inspections are approximately the same as in the first year, unless there is a change in the client's unit (e.g. enlargement of the area, number of plots, addition or deletion of products, change in the number of farmers in the ICS, etc.) and SAS GLOBAL scale of charges.

If the client wishes to use the SAS GLOBAL logo, he can send a request to SAS GLOBAL upon receipt of the certificate. The SAS GLOBAL logo is then sent to the client as a soft copy.