About Us

Sustainability Assurance Services (SAS) Global GmbH ("SAS GLOBAL") has been registered as a Limited Liability Company (Limited/GmbH) in Hamburg, Germany as a global headquarters poised for rapid growth in the sustainability Certification services across all industries globally. The company has been set up with the great support of Germany’s Trade and Investment development organizations Germany Trade And Invest (GTAI) and Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF) SAS GLOBAL is planning to operate as an internationally operating certification and control body. The company currently has its subsidiary office registered in London, United Kingdom and in the process of establishing its subsidiaries in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Our vision

SAS GLOBAL's vision is, “to provide access to global sustainability certifications under one roof”. The company’s nature of business is a direct manifestation of this vision statement. For instance, SAS Global’s most popular product is its Organic certification service. This product enables customers to easily access certification from around the world.

Our mission

SAS GLOBAL’s mission is, “to provide the world’s sustainability certifications and make it universally accessible and serviceable.” Ever since its beginnings, the company has focused on developing its proprietary algorithms to maximize effectiveness. SAS GLOBAL continues to focus on ensuring that customers access the global sustainability certification they need. SAS Global’s extended detailed mission is,

  • To enable a sustainable and ethical future for global supply chains starts from primary producers until the end users, called consumers.
  • To help farmers and businesses develop and strengthen their market position in a sustainable way.
  • To be future oriented with its provision of inspection and certification services for products produced in accordance with principles of Sustainability, including social, environmental, economic and animal welfare
  • To stand for its high quality, reliability and credibility.
  • To be credible in the market SAS GLOBAL is deploying competent, experienced staffs to carry out inspection and certification of agricultural holdings and processing and trading companies - and they do so in a manner that is clear, independent and reliable. In this way, the credibility of the products and processes inspected or certified or verified by SAS GLOBAL is guaranteed.
  • To be customer oriented SAS GLOBAL focus its activities towards the needs of its customers and maintains transparency in its communications.
  • To enhance customer satisfaction by providing, from one source, both at home and abroad, products that meet customers’ requirements and services that are efficient.
  • To keep its commitment in its day-to-day work, SAS GLOBAL is active in promoting organic farming and committed to ethical and social issues. SAS GLOBAL strives to maintain a positive working environment. By helping staff to enhance their social and professional skills, SAS GLOBAL motivates them to work in a manner that is results-oriented, autonomous and team-focused.

Our values

SAS GLOBAL’s founding philosophy and values are as fundamental to its success now as they were on the day of inception.

  • Integrity and belief in what we do
  • A total commitment to and passion for sustainability
  • Care of our customers, our staff and environment

Our quality policy

SAS GLOBAL’s Policy on Values and Responsibility and Our Vision, Mission Statement, the SAS GLOBAL Group establishes and undertakes to respect its principles and objectives. It is this commitment that marks the company's policy and the guidelines of our doing every day. To maintain our position as the market leader in quality services, we ensure that our representatives around the world apply these same levels of demand in terms of neutrality, accuracy and objectivity. The Quality policy hence defined as,

“SAS Global recognizes that independence, non-discriminatory approach, freedom from conflict of interest, confidentiality, comprehensive risk assessment and robust quality management system are an integral part of our business. Our goal is to provide confidence to end user of certified products and Systems by means of strict adherence to the requirements of International accreditation standards and other statutory and mandatory requirements.”

Our Quality objectives

SAS GLOBAL's Quality objectives.

  • Compliance with applicable laws and requirements of International accreditation standards
  • Impartial, non-discriminatory and independent approach
  • Continual improvement and customer focus
  • Certification based on thorough risk assessment
  • Timely and reliable services
  • Confidentiality and objectivity in all operations.

Our expertise and competency

We have got 105+ auditors registered with us globally. These auditors and trainers have got an average experience of 10 to 30 years. It includes industry experts from different sectors who help us to provide detail insight while auditing organizations from different industries. Thus the right mix of knowledge and experience enables our auditors and experts to deliver the services in a more effective and practical manner. With our global presence, wide range of experience and customer centric approach, we are confident enough to deliver accurate and prompt service that can serve the needs of organizations from different industrial sectors.